A Typical Day
In the Life of a Camper

*At camp, sessions are like class periods where each group has a chance to play different games their counselor has prepared at different locations on campus: Field, Pavilion, Game Room, Playground, Crafts. Each group rotates through these sessions in a different order. For the sake of this sample schedule, we have just chosen what one group (this one happens to be a boys group) would have done and picked a game they might play. There are of course many different games they may play in each of these locations.

9:00 AM - Dropoff
All campers are dropped off at the playground each day, unless it is raining. Then drop off is moved to the pavilion.
9:15 - Cabin Devotions
Lunches are collected and put in a refrigerator. Any money brought in for the Snack Shack is collected and written onto the child’s candy card so it does not get lost.
9:45 - Session 1: Field

Campers play games at our Camp Foundations field such as Capture the Flag, soccer, flag football, kickball, and manhunt.

10:15 - Session 2: Pavilion

Campers play games in our outdoor Pavilion, which resembles a gym. Some favorites are war ball (version of dodge ball), basketball, carpet-ball, and of course an occasional dance party.

10:45 - Session 3: Crafts

Each day campers have a time to do crafts. Some of the week’s crafts are always related to the week’s theme, however; we also offer alternatives that the kids can make.

11:15 - Electives

Each week, campers get to choose from 3 or 4 electives to do for that week. Their choices can be things like archery, martial arts, photography, dance, Legos, soccer, woodworking, juggling, outdoor cooking, and more.

11:45 - Lunch
All of the campers eat in our picnic area together. They bring bagged lunches and we have water available to drink.
12:15 - Rally

This is a fun time where the whole camp comes together for some camp songs, silly skits that build around the theme, and a little lesson centered around the character traits for the week. For example it may be creativity and teamwork or integrity and responsibility. After the Rally, groups break off into their cabins for some intentional team time where they dig deeper into applying the traits at their age depth.

12:45 - Free Time

During this time, counselors are positioned around camp and kids are free to choose where they would like to go. Many campers put on their bathing suits and use our 100 foot slip and slides and Water Spray Park. This is also the only time of day the Snack Shack is open for them to get a little treat.

1:30 - All Camp Activity

This is an activity that the whole camp does together that is based around the weekly theme. For example, during science week it could be something like an Egg Drop where each group competes to design a structure to protect an egg and then throw them off the building and see whose egg survives. Or during Spy week, we could play a huge game of Manhunt. The activities often connect to the Rally and build towards a culminating All Camp on Friday, which takes up most of the day. These are what set Camp Foundations apart from your typical day camp and where the creativity comes alive.

2:30 - Session 4: Playground

Gaga Ball is a camp favorite of most campers and they jump at the opportunity to use the playground for it. Other days, groups may use their playground time for obstacle courses, nerf gun wars, and smaller versions of All Camp games they want to play again.

3:00 - Session 5: Gameroom

Our indoor gameroom is equipped with pool, foosball, ping-pong, carpet ball, legos, air hockey, basketball, video games, and MANY BOARD GAMES. It is a great 30 minute break from running around and gives counselors some quality time playing with and getting to talk to their campers.

*All video games are rated E and are group games for them to do together.

3:30 - Clean-up spots

and pack up

3:45 - Flagpole

and Pickups begin at the playground

“My six-year-old daughter absolutely LOVED her first experience at Camp Foundations. What a wonderful resource to have in the community! She came home raving about all of the wonderful activities, sports, animals, and people she was able to interact with. The staff is well organized, nurturing and fun to be around!!”

Emily Lukowski Chase

Camp Parent

“All I hear each afternoon are positive words about his day. All I see are smiles. He remembers the biblical teachings that occured, he loves his leaders, and can’t wait to go back each day. I am a mom who is very cautious of “camps” but I am so glad we gave it a shot this year! We will be back year after year. Thanks crew!!!!”

Hannah Delorme

Camp Parent