Grace And Glory Ministries

When pulling up have you ever wondered why there is a sign at Camp Foundations that says Grace & Glory Ministries? Have you wondered if you gone to the wrong place? If so, sorry for the confusion but this is why. Grace and Glory Ministries is the large umbrella over Camp Foundations. It is a ministry that works with the community and church to try and meet the needs of this area.

Things we do at Grace & Glory

  • We help house people that need help while camp is not going on. (During camp season, our first priority is kids safety and we do not let people stay here).
  • We offer counseling to the church community.
  • We use our construction skills to help the church community.
  • We offer our property to be used by local churches.
  • We help teens that are looking to learn a trade.
  • Etc…

For more information please visit us at or click on the green button below.