About Camp Foundations



Our Purpose


Our purpose at Foundations is to serve the children and parents of Oswego and its surrounding areas by offering children a well-rounded Christian day camp program that provides opportunities to learn new skills, teach and demonstrate morals, safely play sports and games, and take in fun camp experiences.


About Our Staff




Camp Codirector

Danny has a myriad of rich life experiences that he brings with him to Foundations. While not at camp, he works as the Youth Director for the CMA church in Oswego. He is also an entrepreneur, starting G & G Animals in 2008, which has became a USDA Licensed Zoo. Danny uses his animals for educational shows and birthday parties and as a Class II RVS Wildlife Rehabilitationist, is also active in helping wild animals. In the fall, he is an assistant coach for Boys Soccer at OHS and he has been very involved with Young Life. His time serving in the Army National Guard, gave him an interest in medicine and so he became an EMT and volunteered with SUNY Oswego’s S.A.V.A.C. Unit. He uses his experience with medical training, animals, and the military to bring unique learning experiences to campers

The youngest siblings of nine, Melody and Danny share a passion for Christ, youth, adventure, and CAMP! Raised at a camp similar to Foundations in NJ, they have seen firsthand the positive impact summer camps can have on a community and the children’s lives who attend. Danny and Melody started Camp Foundations five years ago to bring their passion to Oswego.



Camp Codirector

Melody holds a BS in Elementary Education, with minors in science and English. She has extensive experience working with children and in program development. While camp is not in session, Melody teaches Jr. High math and science at OCCS and runs a small, private tutoring company. Her passion for education, creativity, and inspiring youth through ‘play’ has fueled camp’s mission. She seeks to make camp a safe place for kids to spend their summers outdoors; taking risks, using their imaginations, and building lasting friendships. “I want camp to be an oasis where campers experience the love of Jesus and see Godly character modeled in our staff. Out of the security that type of environment creates, kids will open themselves up to try things they have never done before, and those experiences build character and confidence.”


Our Counselors

“I’ve worked Camp Foundations the last two summers and it has already changed my life. The leadership at the camp is great and they are continually building new things and looking to grow the camp. The counselors are ones that look to bring the best out of each and every kid. The kids that attend have made such an impact on my life the last two summers. I hope I was able to make just as much of an impact on their lives. Most of all this camp seeks to spread the love of Jesus to every camper. I can’t wait to be back at Camp!”

Ben Porpilia

Senior Counselor

At Foundations, we understand that the quality of a camp is a direct reflection of the quality of the camp staff. For this reason, we take extreme care in the selection and training of our counselors. Our staff is committed to guide each child in a safe, caring, and personal way. They are composed of competent, energetic, and creative counselors with years of experience working with children. All of the staff undergo complete background checks and are supervised by a director and a counselor manager. We are here to serve, protect, and love your children!