Jr. Zookeeper for a Week!

Ages: 9-14 year olds; only 4 spots typically available per week
Offered weeks: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
Cost: $45

If your child has dreamed of becoming a zookeeper, here is his/her chance! Campers will work with the founder of G&G Animals, Dan Oostdyk and  his staff. They will work with the animals behind the scenes, learning about all that goes into caring for 70+ reptiles and mammals. Take a look at his website, gnganimals.com or www.facebook.com/gandganimals/, for a look at some of the animals he has to offer. Students in this program might also get the opportunity to help run an educational show at the end of the week for an audience. This extension will be about 4 hours of fun and learning while getting to meet a lot of cool animals.

Horsemanship Extension:

Ages: 8-13 year olds; only 4 spots typically available
Offered Weeks:  4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
Cost: $70

When it comes to horses, there is no better deal than this. Throughout the week, these lucky campers will get to spend four hours up close and personal with a very special horse, Laddy. They will learn how to communicate and lead the horse with their body language, voice, and attitude and take care of him through grooming and feeding. Campers will also gain experience in riding and discover all that a horse can teach them about trust, comfort, acceptance, and love.

Lasertag Extension:

Ages: 8-14 year olds; only 12 spots typically available
Offered Week: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
Cost: $30

Do you love laser tag? Camp Foundations recently purchased a state of the art laser tag system that allows you to jump into the action like never before. Campers in this extension will get to suit up and play rounds of strategy-based games around camp property.

Animatronics Extension:

Ages: 12-14 year olds; only 8 spots typically available
Offered Week:  7

Cost: $75
Work with DR. Altman for an animatronics extension! Recommended for kids 12 and up this 200 part kit is a mechanical robot arm requiring skill and precision in its assembly. Using five different motors, the arm rotates and elevates and can lift up to 100 g weight.

Extension Programs

“Camp Foundations is a wonderful option for kids for the summer. What better way to spend a week (or 2) than having fun with your friends, laughing with the crazy counselors & learning about Jesus? Looking forward to the summer!”

Crystal Cavellier

Camp Parent

Harbor Fest Zoo Presenter!

Ages: 9-14 year olds; only 6 spots and must have done Jr Zookeeper program in the past 3 years.
Offered: T.B.D.
Cost: $25

If your child has dreamed of showing off to a large group everything you have learned at camp, here is his/her chance! Campers will work along side G&G Animals staff to show off animals to the public and teach everyone about our amazing animals. Students in this program will also get the opportunity to help run an educational show during the day for an audience and take home their own G&G Jr. Zookeeper t-shirt.

Survival Extension

Ages: 8-12 year olds; only 8 spots available

Offered week: T.B.A.

Cost: $30

Under the expertise of a NY wildlife rescuer, a member of the National Guard, and an EMT, campers will learn survival tactics such as how to make a shelter, how to make fire, use a compass, make useful knots, track and catch food, and find drinkable water in the woods. Campers will be able to take home a survival kit incorporating what they’ve learned throughout the week.